News & Updates

Tours and Activities have been organized for during and after the Lectureship

  1. Tours : During event breaks Glass bottom boat rides to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool. The visit covers viewing of the various coral formations and observation of marine life. The Nylon Pool is a crystal clear body of water out in the ocean that is shallow enough to go swimming. Be careful: It is said to have youth giving powers.
    Cost: Adult $25.00 US, Children $15.00 US cost includes transportation: conditions apply and cost may be subject to change. Half Island tours during event breaks:
  2. Whole Island tours

Look out for the launch of a Caribbean Christian Singles Group!

This group will facilitate the meeting and fellowshipping of christians who are single. It will include travels throughout the caribbean, social media chats and conferences.

If you are a christian and single and want to enjoy wholesome friendships and fellowships then you a good candidate to be part of this group.