The Lectureship Committees


The Local Committee

The Local Committee are the on the ground team at the host location ensuring all the necessary local requirements for staging a Lectureship are in place. The committee selects the scriptural theme; oversees logistics such as securing a venue, provides assistance with travel and accommodation; manages the registration process; and provides support and hospitality during the event. 


Leon Philbert
Chairman/Programme Coordinator

Sadie-Monique Harry
Event Coordinator

Kamaria Keens Dumas-Jack

Michael J Keens Dumas
Finance Coordinator

Michael A.T Stewart
Communication/Protocol Coordinator

Elizabeth Wilson-Joshua
Hospitality Coordinator

Bertlyn Archorner
Accommodation Coordinator

Kurt Joefield
Transportation Coordinator

Antonia Stewart
Catering Coordinator

Godfrey Small
Logistics Coordinator

The Regional Committee

The Regional Committee provides underlying support to the Local Committee . It sets Lectureship dates and selects the host island; provides guidance and helps ensure that the local Committees work within the Lectureship framework; and facilitates communication between the island groups. 


Adrian Ayers
Trinidad & Tobago

Ken Dye

Carmen Stanley
Puerto Rico

Francis Yorke

Michael A.T Stewart
Trinidad & Tobago

Clancy Etienne
St. Croix, USVI

Allison Jean
Saint Lucia

Terrance Baptiste

Thaddeus Bruno

Ellison Delva
The Bahamas

Elton Terry
St. Thomas, USVI